Alloy Wheel Customisation & Refurbishment in Gloucester

We can provide new alloy wheels for your vehicle. We supply and fit loads of makes at great prices – just ask. Your wheels will be fitted with the correct tyres, ready to roll. We can even customise alloy wheels for whatever look you’re going for.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels are the most easily damaged part of any vehicle. Hitting the kerb when parking can cause scratches and scuffs, potholes can cause chips and dents and even the weather can dull and flake the paint. Luckily, most of this damage can be quickly and easily reversed.

Alloy wheel refurbishment process:

1. Visual inspection of damaged wheels/tyres

2. Damage is then either machined out or filled

3. Anti-corrosion techniques are used to protect the wheel

4. Surfaces are primed and prepared for painting

5. Primer is hardened in our low bake oven

6. A top coat of paint is then applied

7. Two coats of clear lacquer are then applied to the front and back of the wheel

8. The wheels are fully cured with another round in our low bake oven

9. The wheels are then ready to have the tyres refitted

Ultimate can mix any colour combination in-house that the customer requires. We can also powder coat wheels at the customer’s request. Just contact us to discuss the options best suited to your needs.

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