How do you match the exact colour of my vehicle?
Firstly, we identify your vehicle’s manufacturer paint code which is usually located either inside the driver’s door, engine bay or boot and is typically three or four characters long. The code is then entered into our paint-mixing system and provides a recipe-like formula. The formula tells our painter which toners, and how much of each, to use to achieve the individual colour with 100% accuracy.
How do you repair large dents?
We are proud to have invested in the latest technologies within the vehicle repair industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including our miracle-pull system, allows us to repair large dents whilst keeping the structural strength and integrity of the vehicle completely original. Whilst repairs vary from vehicle to vehicle the basic repair technique consists of tack-welding small tabs to the damaged panel which bear and distribute the load and force of the pulling evenly, allowing the original panel shape to be reformed without stretching or compromising the original metal.
Can't you just 'pop' dents out?
Contrary to popular belief most dents cannot be popped out and those that can often leave panel damage in the form of weakened and stretched metal. The only way to truly remove a dent is to have it repaired properly, either with our miracle-pull system or via paint-less dent removal techniques during which the metal is gently massaged back into correct shape. PDR is only suitable for specific dents – speak to our technicians to find out more.
I only have a scratch - why does the whole panel need to be painted?
Due to the importance of the clearcoat protection and the way that the colour blending process works anything other than painting the entire panel would fall short of a quality repair. Whilst our colour-matching is accurate it is difficult to re-produce the ‘fall’ of the paint created by the million-pound manufacturer’s factories. The best and only way to replicate a manufacturer’s finish is to paint the entire panel. This also minimises the risk of peeling or paint defects in the future.
What is 'blending' and why do I need it?
‘Blending’ is the term given to the re-painting of the surrounding panels. Whilst it may seem unnecessary, we pride ourselves on factory-like finishes and blending is often a crucial part of this. Our aim is to make sure that there are no definite ‘edges’ to the end of the repair panel; this is the main reason that why some single-panel repaint jobs require the adjacent body panels on either side to be lightly sprayed with feather coats of paint; it makes the painted panel blend in with the surrounding body panel.
What is the lead time for repairs?

Repairs typically take around 2-3 days to complete (dependant on the level of damage). There is a lot of skilled labour involved which takes time and all paint products we use are 2k and require sufficient time to cure.

Will I be able to tell it's been repaired?
Absolutely not; we haven’t done our job properly if you can! We pride ourselves on our superior finishes meaning that your vehicle will look as good as it did from factory. In fact, we are regularly recommended by local main dealers and garages such is our reputation for high quality.
Can you repair plastic bumpers?
We sure can. Our specialist plastic welding tools can repair the deepest of cracks meaning that you don’t have to fork out for a new bumper. We have all the latest equipment available to repair every type of material including steel, plastic, fibreglass and aluminium.
Where will my vehicle be kept whilst with you?
Whether we are repairing your Ford or Ferrari, all vehicles are treated with the same level of consideration and care. Your vehicle will be securely kept within our locked and gated compound or within our locked, alarmed building at all times (locked at night). All vehicles are kept under 24hr surveillance by our CCTV cameras. Vehicle keys are kept within an industrial safe.
If I go through insurance do I have to use their approved repairer?
No. Remember it is your choice where your vehicle is repaired. If you want us to repair your vehicle all we need is your claim reference number (the insurance company will give this to you when you contact them) and we’ll provide you with a free courtesy car and reduce your excess by £250 as a thank you for choosing us.
Is there a guarantee on the repair?
Yes, we provide a 3 year warranty on our paintwork, endorsed and backed by WHICH? Trusted Traders. We cannot provide a guarantee on any smart repairs or on panels which have been previously repaired.
Do you have courtesy cars available?
Yes. We offer a free courtesy car service to keep you on the road whilst your vehicle is being repaired. Our fleet consists of several, small manual hatchbacks. Should you require an automatic or larger vehicle please let us know.
What if there is an issue or I'm not fully happy with my repair?
Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We hope this never happens but in the rare instance it does please contact us straight away and notify us of anything that does not meet your expectations and we will endeavour to rectify it as soon as possible. We have an outstanding reputation for quality service and will do everything in our power to ensure that you leave us fully satisfied.

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